ETC KC7783

PIR Sensor Module
KC7783 is a pyroelectric sensor module which developed
for human body detection. A PIR detector combined with a
fresnel lens are mounted on a compact size PCB together
with an analog IC, KC778B, and limited components to
form the module. High level output of variable width is
Compact size (25 x 35 mm)
Wide range of operation voltage 4-12V
Special output pulse width can be requested
TTL output can be directly connected to micro
controller or logic device
High sensitivity
High RFI immunity
Power up delay 25sec
Lens Information
Electrical Specification
Operation Volage
Operation Current
PIR Input Gain
Output Pulse Width
Operation Temperature
4 - 12V
400µA at 5V
0.5 sec min
-20oC -50oC
Note :
Due to the high sensitivity of PIR sensor device, it is not
recommended to use the module in the following or
similar condition.
A) in rapid environmental changes
B) in strong shock or vibration
C) in a place where there are obstructing material (eg.
glass) through which IR cannot pass within detection
D) exposed to direct sun light
E) exposed to direct wind from a heater or air conditioner.