10-100MHz 10/12-Bit FPD-Link III SER/DES
General Description
The DS90UB913Q/DS90UB914Q chipset offers a FPD-Link
III interface with a high-speed forward channel and a bidirectional control channel for data transmission over a single
differential pair. The DS90UB913Q/914Q chipsets incorporate differential signaling on both the high-speed forward
channel and bidirectional control channel data paths. The Serializer/ Deserializer pair is targeted for connections between
imagers and video processors in an ECU (Electronic Control
Unit). This chipset is ideally suited for driving video data requiring up to 12 bit pixel depth plus two synchronization
signals along with bidirectional control channel bus.
There is a multiplexer at the Deserializer to choose between
two input imagers. The Deserializer can have only one active
input imager. The primary video transport converts 10/12 bit
data over a single high-speed serial stream, along with a separate low latency bidirectional control channel transport that
accepts control information from an I2C port and is independent of video blanking period.
Using TI’s embedded clock technology allows transparent fullduplex communication over a single differential pair, carrying
asymmetrical bidirectional control channel information in both
directions. This single serial stream simplifies transferring a
wide data bus over PCB traces and cable by eliminating the
skew problems between parallel data and clock paths. This
significantly saves system cost by narrowing data paths that
in turn reduce PCB layers, cable width, and connector size
and pins. In addition, the Deserializer inputs provide adaptive
equalization to compensate for loss from the media over
longer distances. Internal DC balanced encoding/decoding is
used to support AC-Coupled interconnects. The Serializer is
offered in a 32-pin LLP package and the Deserializer is offered in a 48-pin LLP package.
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● 10 MHz to 100 MHz input pixel clock support
● Single differential pair interconnect
● Programmable data payload:
— 10 bit payload up to 100Mhz
— 12 bit payload up to 75MHz
Continuous Low Latency Bidirectional control interface
channel with I2C [email protected]
2:1 Multiplexer to choose between two input imagers
Embedded clock with DC Balanced coding to support ACcoupled interconnects
Capable of driving up to 25 meters shielded twisted-pair
4 dedicated General Purpose Input (GPI)/ Output (GPO)
LOCK output reporting pin and AT-SPEED BIST diagnosis
feature to validate link integrity
Integrated termination resistors
1.8V, 2.8V or 3.3V compatible parallel inputs on Serializer
Single power supply at 1.8V
ISO 10605 and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Compliant
Temperature range −40°C to +105°C
Small serializer footprint (5mm x 5mm)
No reference clock required on Deserializer
Adaptive Receive Equalization
EMI/EMC Mitigation
— DES Programmable Spread Spectrum (SSCG)
— DES Receiver staggered outputs
Automotive Vision Systems
Front camera for collision mitigation
Rear view camera for backup protection
Parking Assistance
Typical Application Diagram
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Block Diagrams
FIGURE 1. Block Diagram
FIGURE 2. Application Block Diagram
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