EtherTRAK®-2 Ethernet I/O Module

Product Data Sheet
Industrial Automation
EtherTRAK®-2 Ethernet I/O Module
Sixnet’s EtherTRAK®-2 Ethernet I/O modules provide simple and secure remote monitoring for sites located in harsh
environments. Offering the lowest cost per I/O point and rugged environmental ratings, EtherTRAK-2 I/O modules are ideal for
both control rooms and extreme locations across industries that include oil & gas, power & energy, transportation, mining,
maritime and water/wastewater.
Product Highlights
Our compact DIN-rail I/O modules support open-standard protocols to provide flexible communication options for existing or newly installed Ethernet
networks. By seamlessly replacing external devices such as switches, data concentrators and protocol converters, EtherTRAK-2 I/O modules
transcend simple I/O capabilities to cost-effectively streamline systems and improve reliability.
I/O Module Product Highlights
Flexible mix of I/O channels support all instrumentation needs
Real-Time Ring™ for fast redundancy
Dual independent Ethernet ports enable flexible networking
Built-in security proactively blocks unwanted access
Extensive health diagnostics and reporting reduce downtime
Standard Modbus protocols provide universal compatibility
Rugged design supports extreme temperatures and hazardous locations
To learn more about our EtherTRAK-2 I/O Modules, simply contact [email protected] or call +1 518 877 5173.
High Performance, Flexible I/O
Provides high-speed functionality
Lowers overall cost per I/O point
Flexible mix of up to 34 I/O supports DI, DO, AI, AO, temperature (RTD and thermocouples)
High resolution 16-bit analog or high-speed 10-bit analog
Fast I/O polling of up to 1mS
Advanced counter functions with 32-bit reporting
Time proportioned outputs simplify high speed pulse rate functions
Built-In Security
Prevents unwanted intrusion
Guards against unauthorized users
User-assigned permissions
Firewall protection
Flexible , Redundant Networking
Simplifies connectivity by replacing industrial Ethernet switches
Ensures reliability without additional cost
Real-Time Ring™ switch mode for fast redundancy
Switch elimination mode enables daisy chaining
Dual independent Ethernet ports
Ethernet, RS485 and USB connections
Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) Embedded data concentrator
Configuration Maintenance & Monitoring
Delivers cross-platform configuration
Offers easy-to-use software tools
Configuration and monitoring via standard web browser
On-board storage for project documentation
Project-based software tools
User-based history tracks changes
Per-channel calibration
Configuration archiving Module hot-swap capabilities
Rugged, Compact Design
Supports harsh environments
Delivers proven reliability
Industrial -40 to +75°C operating range
UL/CSA (CUL), FCC and CE rated
Hazardous locations rated for Class I, Div 2 (Zone 2) areas
Vibration resistant IEC68-2-6
Self-resetting fuses protect I/O
Watchdog Monitoring & Reporting
Provides health reports of various module functions
Reduces maintenance downtime
CPU health
Dual-power status
PoE status
Port link status
Fail-safe outputs
Communications activity
Heartbeat Watchdog monitoring
To learn more about our EtherTRAK-2 I/O Modules, simply contact [email protected] or call +1 518 877 5173.
General I/O Performance
Power supply voltage: 10-30 VDC
Input current requirement: 75 mA @ 24 VDC typical with no loads
PoE power (EB modules only): 10 watts at 60°C for user loads
De-rate: to 5 Watts at 75°C
I/O: 512 discrete inputs and outputs plus 256 analog input and output registers
Unique station addresses: 16,000+ (Sixnet or 247 Modbus)
Ethernet – 2 Ports
Ethernet Port(s): 10/100BaseTx (auto-detecting)
Connection: RJ45 (auto-crossover)
Isolation: 1500 Volts RMS 1 minute (60 Hz.)
Message response time: less than 1 mS per message
Diagnostic LED’s, solid indicates link, blinking indicates activity
Protocols supported: TCP/IP, ARP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, HTTP, Modbus UDP/TCP Slave mode, Modbus UDP Master mode, Sixnet UDR
UDP/TCP Slave mode, Sixnet UDR UDP Master mode.
Real-time Ring™: 5ms per hop recovery time
Independent networks: 1 or 2 with unique MAC and IP address
Serial Ports
RS485 port, Screw terminals (485+, 485-, GND) (2-wire half-duplex, not isolated)
RS485 networking, Up to 32 (full-load) stations
RS485 networking, Up to 32 (full-load) stations
RS485 distance, Up to 0.5 miles (baud rate dependent)
Baud Rates from 300 to 57,600 baud
Protocols: master and slave: Sixnet and Modbus RTU / ASCII
Diagnostic LEDs: Transmit (TD) and Receive (RD)
Flow Control, RTS-party (for radios and RS485)
Web Interface
Secure Web Access with Password protection for multiple users
1 Simultaneous User
750K Memory for User Pages (more with special order)
Operating temperature of -40 to 75°C (-40 to 85°C storage)
Humidity 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing) (optional conformal coating)
Flammability UL 94V-0 materials
Electrical Safety UL 508, CSA C22.2/14; EN61010-1 (IEC1010); CE
EMI emissions FCC part 15, ICES-003, Class A; EN55022; EN61326-1; CE
EMC immunity EN61326-1 (EN61000-4-2,3,4,6); CE
Vibration: IEC68-2-6
Hazardous locations (Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D) UL 1604, CSA C22.2/213, Cenelec EN50021 Zone 2
Marine and offshore tested and/or verified to meet various marine and maritime standards such as DNV No. 2.4, Lloyds and ABS
Mean Time Between Failures (GB @40°C per MIL-HNDBK-217F2).
E2-MIX24880-D: 1,332,475 hours
E2-MIX24882-D: 1,308,009 hours
E2-10RTD-D: 1,294,803 hours
E2-16AI-8AO-D: 1,043,917hours
E2-16DI24-D: 1,259,152 hours
E2-16DIAC-D: 1,432,797 hours
E2-16DO24-D: 1,488,653 hours
E2-32AI10V-D: 1,151,881 hours
E2-32AI20M-D: 944,590 hours
E2-32DI24-D: 1,320,375 hours
E2-32DO24-D: 1,515,163 hours
E2-8AO20M-D: 1,433,249 hours
E2-16AI20M-D: 1,575,530 hours
Mounting: DIN-rail (EN50022) or direct to panel or flat panel mount
Module and Base: 5.5”L x 3.5”W x 5.1”H (14cm x 8.9cm x 13cm)
Packaging: Impact resistant Lexan® polycarbonate
Discrete Input Channels
Voltage range: 10 – 30 VDC (E2-16DIAC-D only: 60 – 140 VAC)
Input Polarity: Sourcing (apply power to active) or sinking (ground closure) on 8 inputs
Input isolation: 150 Volts (16 channel modules only)
Guaranteed ON voltage: 9 VDC (55 VAC – AC module)
Guaranteed OFF voltage: 5.0 VDC (35 VAC – AC module)
Guaranteed OFF current: 2 mA DC
Input resistance: 10 Kohms
Input current (@ 24 VDC): 3 mA
Filtered ON/OFF delay: 25 mS (20 Hz. max. counting rate)
Fastest response: 1 mS (400 Hz. max. counting rate)
Special fast counting rate: Up to 50 KHz on channels 1 and 2
Count up, pulse timing and pulse rate 16 or 32 bit reporting
Scan rate (all channels) 1 mS
Discrete Output Channels
Output voltage range: 10-30 VDC (16DORLY: 10-30VDC/AC)
Max. output power:
E2-32DO24: 0.5 Amps per channel, 8A per module
E2-16DO24/16DORLY: 1A Per channel, 16A module, .8A at 60°C 8 channels at 24VDC
E2-MIX24880 and MIX24882: 1A per channels, 8A per module, .8A at 60°C 1 channel, .4A at 60°C 8 channels at 24 VDC
Max. off state leakage: 0.01 mA (less than 10 uA)
Short circuit protection, self-reset fuses (trip above 1.5 Amp)
Min. load: 1 mA
Inrush current: 5 Amps (100 mS surge)
Typical on resistance: 0.3 Ohms (Drop 0.3 VDC @ 1 Amp)
Input isolation: 150 Volts (16 channel modules only)
All channels Scan rate: 1 mS
Analog Output Channels
Analog output range: 4-20 mA
D/A resolution: 16 bits (less than 1 uA)
Full scale accuracy: +/-0.02% (at 20°C)
Span and offset temp.: +/- 50 ppm per °C typ.
Max. output settling time: 5 mS (to .05%)
Load resistance: (@ 24 V) 0-750 Ohms
Current: limiting short circuit protection
Analog Input Channels
E2-16AI20M / 32AI20M / 16ISO20M range: 4-20mA
E2-32AI10V range: 0 to +10 VDC
E2-16ISOTC range: 250 mV, Thermocouples supported J,K,E,R,T,B,L,N & S
A/D resolution 16 bits (0.003%) 10 bits (fast option)
Full scale accuracy +/- 0.02% (at 20 °C, 16 bit mode)
Temperature coefficient +/- 50 ppm per °C (span and offset)
Input impedance (resistance) 100 ohms (E2-32AI20M, E2-16AI20M, E2-16ISO20M) 200 Kohms (E2-32AI10V, E2-16ISOTC)
Self-resetting short circuit protection fuses (4-20 mA inputs)
DMRR (differential mode) 66 db at 50/60 Hz
Fastest update time (E2-32AI20M, E2-16AI20M) [# of chan.] 880 mS [all] -16-bit; 145ms [all] -14-bit; 1 ms [2] -10-bit
Fasted update time E2-16ISOTC, E2-16ISO20M (all 16 channels) 200ms
A/D resolution 16 bits
Accuracy typical uncalibrated +/- 0.5 °C
Common mode input voltage (E2-16ISOTC, E2-16ISO20M):
Between two input terminals +/- 60VDC
Between inputs and ground 300 volts
RTD Type: 100 Ohm Platinum
RTD Alpha: .00385 or .00392
RTD Connections: 2 or 3-wire
RTD input range: -200-850 deg C
RTD overall accuracy: .05% or .5 deg C
Scan time: 550ms for all 10 channels
Max lead wire resistance: 100 Ohms per side balanced
RTD excitation current: 250uA pulsed to reduce self heating
To learn more about our EtherTRAK-2 I/O Modules, simply contact [email protected] or call +1 518 877 5173.
Order Guide
Part Number
(Module with wiring
E2 or EB-MIX24880-D
Combination I/O with 1 isolated input counter *
E2 or EB-MIX24882-D
Combination I/O with 2 analog outputs **
E2 or EB-32DI24-D
32 inputs (10-30 VDC)
E2 or EB-16DI24-D
16 individually isolated channels, 10-30 VDC
with counters
16 individually isolated inputs,120 VAC
E2 or EB-32DO24-D
High density discrete outputs
E2 or EB-16DO24-D
Individually isolated 1 Amp outputs with
self-resetting fuses
E2 or EB-32AI20M-D
High density 16 bit 4-20mA inputs with
self-resetting fuses
E2 or EB-32AI10V-D
Voltage inputs
E2 or EB-16AI20M-D
16 channels 4-20mA inputs with self-resetting
E2 or EB-8AO20M
4-10mA analog outputs
E2 or EB-16AI-8AO-D
E2 or EB-16ISOTC-D
16 TC
Instrumentation thermocouples
E2 or EB-8ISOTC-D***
8 TC
Instrumentation thermocouples
Isolated 4-20mA inputs
16 4-20mA inputs plus 8 4-20mA outputs
E2 or EB-16ISO20M-D
E2 or EB-10RTD-D
10 RTD
RTD (100 Ohm platinum), -200 to 850°C.
E2 or EB-16DORLY-D
16, Description: 16 individually isolated
discrete outputs (10-30VDC/VAC Relay) 1
Amp outputs, 16 Amps total.
*Check factory for availability
To learn more about our EtherTRAK-2 I/O Modules, simply contact [email protected] or call +1 518 877 5173.
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