• Monitors and controls Flex 500 addressable
devices from Gamewell’s 632/650 series
analog addressable control panels.
Addressable Module
• Eight Flex 500 circuits per module.
• Monitors and controls up to 50 points per
• Two modules per control panel.
• Dedicated microprocessor minimizes
communications intervals.
• Field programmable.
• Default alarm mode operation.
• Power limited.
• Style 4, 6, and 7 wiring.
• Module can be removed without disturbing
field wiring.
Gamewell’s 600 Series AM500 Addressable Module provides the monitoring
and control of detectors and addressable input and output devices previously installed with Gamewell’s Flex 500 A control panel, giving end-users
backward compatibility between existing Flex 500 and the 632/650 analog
addressable technology. The AM500 addressable module is configured with
eight addressable circuits, with each circuit capable of monitoring up to 50
individual points. The addressable module has a dedicated microprocessor
that monitors each of its circuits while communicating all status information to the main CPU of the 600 Series control panel.
Each module is supported by a display module that provides alarm and
trouble annunciation LEDs and tactile switches for control by circuit. The
display module has space for custom labeling of each circuit.
Listings and approvals below apply to the
basic AM500 Addressable Module. In some
cases, certain modules may not be listed by
certain approval agencies, or listing may be
in process. Consult factory for latest listing
• UL Listed: file S521
Ambient temperature
The AM500 Addressable Module occupies a bus position in the 632 or 650
Series control panel. The AM500 interrogates all the compatible connected
devices for their alarm and trouble status. Compatible input devices return
their alarm status to the addressable module which, in turn, communicates to the main CPU of the control panel for recording of the alarm and
trouble status. Communication time is kept to a minimum by utilizing
parallel processing on both the system MPU bus and the circuits of the
AM500 addressable module. The AM500 addressable module is capable of
supporting the Flex 500 A control panel’s addressable control devices,
addressable input interface and addressable detectors.
The Addressable Module monitors its circuits for ground faults. It will
operate in the event that the system enters into default alarm mode. The
AM500 Addressable Module will support Style 4, 6, and 7 wiring.
AM500 Identiflex CS-2022 06/29/04
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30°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
10% to 85% R.H.
Alarm Current
0.07 A.
Standby current
0.07 A.
Class A adapter
0.06 A.
Engineer’s Specifications
The IdentiFlex 600 Series system shall include addressable circuits for the monitor and control of identifiable
devices connected to an existing Gamewell Flex 500A control panel. The system’s AM500 Addressable Module shall
incorporate a dedicated microprocessor to minimize communications and response times to off normal conditions.
The AM500 Addressable Module shall support Style 4, 6, and 7 field wiring. The AM500 Addressable Module shall
incorporate a default operation capability which will allow the system to activate a general alarm even in the event
of a CPU failure. The interface shall be Gamewell Part No. AM500.
Wiring Diagram
Ordering Information
Eight circuit addressable module (Flex 500 interface) with standard display for 632/650 Series
control panel (includes terminal strip and hardware).
Class A adapter for module.
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AM500 Identiflex CS-2022