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Specification for a Space Qualified Crystal Filter
MtronPTI P/N: XF9441-001 (Engineering Model)
MtronPTI P/N: XF9441-002 (Flight Model)
I. General & Electrical Requirements
1. Center Frequency (FON): 70MHz
2. Center Frequency Tolerance:
@ +25˚C: FON ±1.5kHz maximum
@ -15˚C and +60˚C: FON ±3.5kHz maximum
3. Bandwidth:
@ 1dB: FON ±40kHz minimum
@ 3dB: FON ±52kHz minimum
4. Insertion Loss (at the peak of transmission): 5.0dB maximum
5. Ripple (peak-valley, over 70% of the 3dB Bandwidth): 1.0dB maximum
6. Stopband Attenuation (minimum relative to Insertion Loss):
40dB: FON ±125kHz maximum
70dB: FON ±500kHz maximum
7. Spurious Response: 45dBc minimum
8. Nominal Input Level: 0dBm
9. Weight: 25-grams maximum
10. ZIN/ZOUT: 50Ω
Note 1: All electrical performance specifications are to be met over the -10C to +60C Operating Temperature Range.
II. Environmental, Test & Physical Requirements:
1. Temperature Range
Operating: -15C to +60C
Storage: -40C to +85C
2. Package:
Size: Reference Figure 1
Mating Hardware: Reference Figure 2
Figure 2: Mating Hardware
Figure 1: Package Outline Drawing
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